An amazing wekeend outdoors! The saturday-schedule said climbing in Vitsand, Värmland. Though it looked cloudy and rain was hanging loose in the air. But we decided to gamble and go.

“In worst case we at least get some fresh air, hiking, mushrom- and blueberrypicking”

We got them ALL!

So Emelie, Elin, Doris ( the Dog) and myself packed our gear and left for the woods. It turned out to be a great day. Sun came out and smiled and we got some great climbing.

And not just climbing….

In the spirits of “MaxNature” we fullfilled the vision of

” A satisfactory of all human sensory inputs tuned with Nature”

¤ Airways and sense of Smell — Fresh air, smells of trees, berries, mushrooms.

¤ Eyesight and Hearing – Colourful Värmland-woods and epic view over the valley

¤ Feeling — Climbing, Hiking

¤ Taste — A frehsly Swedish-style boiled peastew on open fire. For desert, tons of delicious blueberries.

This was Emelies first climbing experience ever, and it was Elins first outdoor climb. So I was of course stoked taking them out on this first adventure! And I am so impressed of their climbingskills!

Enjoy some more pictures in the album called Saturday Climb!

Thanks for this day!