Who´s behind MAXnature?

Max has been travelling the world since a kid, first in a custom-build campervan, together with his 5 siblings. Then, aged 4, he skied in the Austrian Alps, and surfing in the Caribbean, at 11. He grew up on an old apple ranch in Småland, situated next to one of the biggest lakes in the south of Sweden.
Here, his parents ran a tourism business and people from all over the world came to stay at one of the cottages or the Bed and Breakfast. They came here to escape busy lifestyles, to enjoy nature and recharge.

Guests were offered a diverse menu of activities, including fishing, kayaking and island-camping. At 15 Max was given the responsibility to manage this activities.

After graduating from high school in Nature/Science Max wanted to see more of the world. He travelled for the next 8 years, always seeking new challenges and adventures.

He drove 15000 km through Latin America with his surfboard and spear gun. Volunteered for 9 months at an international NGO in the Philippines in the natural disaster of typhoon Haiyan. He also sailed on the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to Easter Island, and hiked 2,000 Km along the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA wilderness. These are just a few of the many inspiring stories he loves to share in his lectures.

In 2015, Max returned to his roots and the great outdoors of Sweden. He completed a two year program at Klarälvdalens Folkhögskola, and is now a certified Outdoor Guide in several activities, including kayaking, hiking, rock climbing and touring skiing. He has done training of medical wilderness first aid within the NOLS-program. Max is also a qualified Life Coach certified with Akademi Coachstjärnan, and enjoys combining his skills in guiding people in the outdoors, and coaching them in achieving their personal life goals.

Max speaks 4 languages and currently combines working for different companies with running his own projects within MAXnature.