The client:

Individuals or groups that embark upon a MAXnature experience shall enjoy a unique adventure attuned with nature, and stimulating all senses.

The product:

The vision and philosophy of MAXnature is to “challenge, stimulate and satisfy all human senses through adventure in nature”. Each nature adventure is “highly specialized, highly selective, of high quality”, and tailored to each individual.

MAXnature is designed for people who are looking for adventures experienced in nature. People who feel they need to get away from their daily life and do something completely different. People who seek to reconnect with themselves, becoming more aware and feeling the present. At MAXnature Adventures we believe there is no better way of doing this than through nature.

We believe in dreams and inspiration, and as such, MAXnature adventures begin first with a personal conversation with the client to customize their unique adventure.

The concept and aim of MAXnature is to satisfy and meet personal client adventure in nature desires, physical, emotional and intellectual. Which destination have you always dreamt of going to? What activity thrills or speaks to you?

There are no limits of age, ability or desire, or what you can do. The only limit is you. All that exists are possibilities!

Rest assured we are able to help you satisfy all your Adventure wishes in Nature. Phone or email us for more information!