Another Climb and Hike!

During the first week of July this summer I had visit from two swedes, though coming from far distances. Kris lives in Zürich, Switzerland and Simon in Oslo, Norway. But still, they hit the road and drove into the woods of Värmland. We had some great days filled with...
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Saturday Climb!

20/8-2016 An amazing wekeend outdoors! The saturday-schedule said climbing in Vitsand, Värmland. Though it looked cloudy and rain was hanging loose in the air. But we decided to gamble and go. “In worst case we at least get some fresh air, hiking, mushrom- and...
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Aktivitetsdag med Älvforsen HVB

    En helg i samklang med naturen tillsammans med ett gäng ifrån Älforsen HVB. Vi gick vandringsleden “Fämtleden” på ca 9 km. plockade bär och svamp, och lagade mat över öppen eld. Utövade olika gruppdynamiska övningar och avslutade med killarnas största...
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